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Howrah Mail

February 7th 2014

Two hours ahead the banks of Howrah. A sense of nowhere ravelled inside the train. Much familiar sense I would say, the nowhere that always puts me back to home. A typical morning of the state of Bengal, started to appear. Busy morning; busy people, all around. With all the rush hushing, the train made the move. While I’m still trying to put myself within the settling crowd, the misty air inside the train started to fill with flavours of fresh bake and chai. Trying to get off all the happenings around, kept myself busy looking out the fast moving window.

The concrete makeovers slowly started to fade in with the green lush, quietly accompanied by a slow flowing breeze. Beautiful it felt; a familiar beauty. The breeze slowly ceased with the train, when paused in an on-way stop. With the jolting slowly starting again, something unusual caught my attention. Not the fast moving window, anymore. A flickering light, in east end of the compartment. I felt a silence, a deep silence, watching those shimmers that stayed in rhyme with the train. The silence that stayed alongside the entire ride.

The final stop arrived; The Howrah. Within few foots, I reached the exit; to witness myself staring at a five storey of red bricks. In spite of that majestic architecture; where the station belonged, the long halted yellow cabs grasped my attention hard. The central road was flushing with those yellow cabs; like a flock of golden seagulls rambling the morning shores. Leaving a quick look on the happenings, I left to board the cruise. The short cruise on the Hooghly, connected the two ends of the river bedded city of India. Strangely, the sky looked nearly blue for such a cloudy morning. The near blue dock was slowly groomed by a thin cold breeze with a whiff of steam from those diesel run boats.

The few minutes of the sail, left me with a deep never ending sense. A similar sense that lingered within from the shores of Thames. A similar sense. With a horn aloud, the boat docked towards the other end of the shore. The air surrounded were filled with the flavours of the shore bedded city. With taking a deep breath, I found myself already lost in an eccentric beauty that survived inside a chaos.

Shored Clouds

Shored Clouds

Higher still and higher From the earth thou springest Like a cloud of fire; The blue deep thou wingest, And singing still dost soar, and soaring ever singest. In the golden lightning Of the sunken sun, O’er which clouds are bright’ning, Thou dost float and… Read more